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I am a proofreader and copy editor, with almost 20 years of professional experience.

I specialise in academic texts (theses, dissertations, essays, research proposals etc.), working with students in a wide range of fields.

My clients also include businesses and other organisations (both commercial and non-profit) and I edit web content, advertising copy, company reports, etc.

There are testimonials from some recent clients here, and you can find me on TrustPilot and LinkedIn.

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‘I’ve been working on my master’s thesis for many weeks now and have gone through ups and downs. Writing the thesis in parallel to my normal job certainly makes it even more nerve-wracking! I haven’t got any support so far, so it was all the nicer to see how much work you put into editing my thesis. To be honest, it really moved me. I am really very grateful to you. You really did a wonderful job and I will always be grateful to you.’

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My comprehensive proofreading service costs 1p per word. This includes correction of errors in…

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • UK/US language consistency
  • punctuation
  • syntax

Copy editing


I provide a copy editing service for 2p per word. This includes…

  • correction of errors in spelling, grammar, etc.
  • removal of repetition and redundancy
  • rewording of awkward syntax
  • minor restructuring
  • rephrasing to clarify key points

What’s the difference?


Proofreading is simply the correction of errors (spelling, grammar, etc.).

Copy editing is far more extensive and includes correcting errors and making creative improvements.

For help deciding which of these services you need, see here or contact me.

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To get a quote, email me (Katherine) at or use the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.