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Decorus Lacuna has been in business since 2001, supplying proofreading, copy editing and transcription services.

We work with students, as well as commercial, public and non-profit organisations.

We are fast, efficient and reliable. Our work is high quality and our prices are competitive.

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academic proofreading

We work primarily with students, providing academic proofreading and copy editing services to undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD candidates.

To ensure your peace of mind, we guarantee that we will…

— improve your work

— meet your deadline(s)

— never share your work with third-parties

— not store your files after completion of the assignment



Our comprehensive proofreading service is charged at just £0.01 per word. This includes correction to errors in…

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • UK/US language consistency
  • punctuation
  • syntax

Copy editing


We provide academic and commercial copy editing services for £0.02 per word. The service includes…

  • proofreading of errors in spelling, grammar, etc.
  • removal of repetition, redundancy and inflated phrasing
  • rewording of awkward syntax
  • minor restructuring
    rephrasing to clarify key points



We transcribe interviews, lectures, seminars, meetings and podcasts for a rate of £1 per audio minute.

We are able to work from any of the main audio formats, and can accept audio files via Dropbox or similar.

Confidentiality is absolutely assured and we are happy to sign agreements to this effect.

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