Copy Editing — 2p per word

We offer academic and commercial copy editing services. The service includes…

  • proofreading of errors in spelling, grammar, etc.
  • removal of repetition, redundancy and inflated phrasing
  • rewording of awkward syntax
  • minor restructuring
  • rephrasing to clarify key points

The copy editing service can be as subtle or extensive as the client requests. We reword, rewrite and then return copy that delivers more powerful punches.

We work primarily with students, undergraduate and postgraduate, in all academic disciplines.

We copy edit web content, ensuring it has the right style, image and message and looks good on-screen.

We also copy edit pamphlets, leaflets and e-books to ensure clarity of meaning and consistency of style.

Upon completion, your work is returned in two digital forms: one showing Word’s ‘tracked changes’ and the other with the changes ‘accepted’. In this way, we try to provide a service that helps you to improve your future writing.

What’s the difference between proofreading, copy editing and rewriting? Click here for details.